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Save water with FoodClean

Saving water is high on the Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental and sustainability agendas of most food manufacturers. With so many production areas and worksurfaces that require thorough cleaning on an extremely regular basis, the volume of water used by a single factory can be quite astonishing.

Clean Factory Revolution

Save Water

The reduction of water usage is a core element of the Clean Factory Revolution being rolled out around the world by the team here at FoodClean. With only 3% of the world’s water being fresh water and two-thirds of that tucked away in frozen glaciers or otherwise unavailable, there are around 1.1 billion people in the world who lack access to clean water. When you take this into consideration, it becomes clear that the conservation of water within manufacturing facilities must be considered as a top priority.

FoodClean helps cleaning operatives to reach top levels of hygiene faster whilst using less water. This is partly achieved by setting the rinse pressure between 10 and 30 bar, which facilitates fast and effective cleaning. Lower pressure lacks the impact required to clean factory surfaces, whereas higher pressures cause a lot of the water to atomise into airborne mist. By choosing FoodClean equipment, you gain the peace of mind that water is being applied at the optimum pressure, which can significantly reduce the amount of water, chemicals and labour involved.

FoodClean equipment

Our food factory hygiene equipment has been specifically designed to bring maximum results whilst keeping waste to an absolute minimum. Combining medium pressure washdown systems with the correct nozzles, application equipment and inbuilt water flow restrictors makes saving water an automatic and foolproof process.

Whatever the size and nature of your business, our hygiene specialists can create a tailored approach to workplace cleaning that makes every drop count.

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Clean Factory Revolution

FoodClean helps create a sustainable hygiene blueprint to multiple problems and constraints faced by food manufacturing companies around the globe.


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