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Central Chemical Systems

These units take chemicals from bulk tanks or IBC containers, accurately dilute them at source and pump the dilute solution via pipework systems to SatFlow satellites mounted in the production area.

Using remotely stored chemicals or locally placed chemical drums, you can efficiently apply foaming and disinfectant chemicals through one single hose. Providing both chemical and labour savings, water control features and much more all from conveniently located satellite stations – allowing you to focus on producing more.

The most effective, efficient and sustainable way to clean your food manufacturing factory.

Chemflow Centre


The ChemFlow centre consists of a booster pump which takes cold water and boosts the pressure to an ideal pressure for foam application.

Chemical injections pumps then draw the chemicals from remote bulk tanks or IBC containers and inject them into the flow of water produced by the booster pump. The booster pump and the chemical pumps speed up and slow down according to demand.


  • Water lubricated booster for minimal maintenance problems & costs
  • Absolutely consistent pressure for perfect chemical accuracy
  • Only mixes chemicals on demand and the exact quantity demanded – all waste avoided
  • No concentrate or dilute chemical storage tanks to protect from chemical degradation
  • Uses minimal floor space

Can mix & distribute up to 4 chemicals simultaneously.

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The SatFlow is the user point where the dilute chemicals and waterpower are delivered to the operator for ultimate cleaning power.


  • Built of solid stainless steel for trouble-free, long-life service
  • No moving parts so they work all the time, every time
  • Colour coded for easy and fast selection by the operator

Available in various configurations to suit your exact application.

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