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Achieve sustainability with FoodClean

Environmental responsibility and sustainable practices are primary concerns for businesses across the global food manufacturing industry. The main problem is that your facilities require huge volumes of chemicals, water and energy in order to achieve top levels of hygiene and food safety, which makes it very hard to achieve long-term sustainability. That’s where FoodClean comes in, as we’ve designed a range of cleaning equipment specifically for busy factories that want to minimise their carbon footprint without compromising on hygiene.

Clean Factory Revolution

Increase Sustainability

Sustainability is a core element of the Clean Factory Revolution being rolled out around the world by the team here at FoodClean. Thanks to a range of chemicals, equipment and protective clothing, we can help you to maximise your sustainability practices in multiple ways:

  • Eliminate plastic drums from your chemical supply chain
  • Optimise water usage (stop wasting and make the best use of every drop)
  • Clean effectively with cold water instead of hot
  • Reduce chemical usage without compromising hygiene results
  • Recycle your cleaning equipment using the FoodClean repair service
  • Send your used WashGuard wellington boots back to us for ethical, verified recycling

Sustainability is possible

If you’re interested in running a more environmentally friendly and sustainable business, make sure to read our article on how to ‘Improve sustainability’.

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FoodClean - Clean Factory Revolution

Clean Factory Revolution


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