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Clean Factory Revolution

Everything you need for food hygiene

The core mission of FoodClean is to provide a comprehensive system that covers all of your hygiene requirements. The nature of manufacturing facilities necessitates a foolproof method of delivering ultimate levels of cleanliness at all times, which is why we help build a sustainable hygiene blueprint that provides total peace of mind and an instant return on investment.

The Clean Factory Revolution

We recognised that in order to achieve top hygiene levels across the board, the food industry requires a solution to cover all bases. We call this the Clean Factory Revolution, which takes a fresh approach to guaranteeing consistency, compliance and confidence in all areas of food factory hygiene.

We can also offer an SLA or KPI supply agreement, which includes advanced service support, supply chain security, and a dedicated account manager who works closely with your teams to deliver an ongoing programme focused on continuous improvement. As part of your package, our hygiene experts will identify ways to reduce your costs in regard to labour and utilities, bringing a strong return on investment from day one.

Please rest assured that if you opt for a less formal arrangement, you will still receive the personable service and extreme attention to detail that has enabled our family-run business to become a trusted supplier to food manufacturing businesses around the globe.

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FoodClean specialises in four key areas of cleanliness, which when combined ensure that every element of your food manufacturing site remains clean, hygienic and sustainable.

Clean Factory Revolution

The benefits to your business


Thanks to the clever nature of our chemicals and equipment, FoodClean is helping food manufacturing companies to make the cleaning process much more efficient. This significantly reduces labour hours, allowing your staff to get more done in less time.

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When the dosage of cleaning product is automatically optimised, a business only uses as much as required each time it cleans a production area. This immediately brings reduced costs, as not a single drop is wasted.

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The combination of powerful cleaning properties and an optimised dosage enables you to reduce the volume of chemical products your business uses each day. This is beneficial to the environment and profit margins alike.

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Water conservation is both a cost-saving measure and a means of becoming more environmentally sustainable as a business. FoodClean optimise the cleaning process, ensuring that water is used to full effect and consumption is minimised as a result.

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A faster and more effective cleaning process means that less energy is used in the process. Any food manufacturing business looking to reduce its carbon footprint can achieve great things by partnering with FoodClean.

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Minimise downtime

Efficiency and effectiveness are integral to productivity. FoodClean products are designed to bring top results quickly every time, helping to reduce downtime and maximise production rates.

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All FoodClean products have been designed, developed and manufactured by hygiene experts. The result is optimum levels of cleanliness across your food manufacturing business, bringing higher standards and complete reassurance with every task.

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Reducing the amount of energy, water and chemicals your employees use directly equates to more sustainable day-to-day operations. If you’re looking to run a leaner, cleaner and greener business, it’s time to join the Clean Factory Revolution.

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Clean Factory Revolution

FoodClean helps create a sustainable hygiene blueprint to multiple problems and constraints faced by food manufacturing companies around the globe.

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