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Protect Employee Health And Wellbeing

FoodClean hygiene systems go beyond chemicals and application equipment, as we also specialise in protective workwear for operatives working across the food industry.

By investing in the highest calibre of protective clothing and safety equipment for your workforce, you’re ensuring that everyone can carry out daily tasks in a safe, efficient and compliant manner.

Safety workwear with a difference

WashGuard is a comprehensive range of safety workwear designed for the food manufacturing sector. These product lines have been specifically designed for modern work environments, which ensures that the wearer is protected from common and unexpected hazards that can arise in your fast-paced facilities.

WashGuard includes the following workplace safety clothing, essentially covering your workers from head to toe:

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Products-Home Page_0000_WashGuard - Gloves


Products-Home Page_0007_WashGuard - Kneepads


Products-Home Page_0006_WashGuard - Fastenings


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Products-Home Page_0004_WashGuard - Trousers


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WashGuard - Goggles




We’re certain that as a food manufacturing business, you take health and safety very seriously. However, intention and prevention are very different things, as many food industry employers have the best intentions for their workers yet lack sufficient safety workwear.

WashGuard is FoodClean’s solution to the problems encountered by all kinds of food manufacturing businesses. Fully waterproof and certified chemical-resistant, our range of safety clothing is designed to protect factory cleaners no matter what their tasks and working environments.

The risks of food factory cleaning

Your cleaning operatives constantly face a variety of risks as part of their day-to-day roles. This is due to multiple factors, such as:

  • The surroundings are often very hot, cold, damp, humid or steamy. A cleaner is likely to work in a combination of these conditions during a single shift.
  • Cleaning requires constant movement. As a result, cleaners are always on their feet and regularly on the move.
  • As part of their duties, cleaners have to handle a variety of hazardous chemicals.
  • Cleaners are always working to a deadline, as the factory needs to be spotless prior to the next day’s production shift.
  • Needless to say, floors and surfaces are very slippery during the cleaning process, which can lead to accidents.
  • Cleaning is usually carried out at night when the majority of the management team is at home.
  • Cleaners have to work indoors and outdoors, as well as in areas that contain large processing machinery and other risks to their safety.

Clean Factory Revolution

FoodClean helps create a sustainable hygiene blueprint to multiple problems and constraints faced by food manufacturing companies around the globe.

It’s time to protect your cleaning staff

WashGuard LogoThe risks listed above give a clear picture of just how hazardous a cleaner’s daily working environments can be. As a food manufacturing business, you can mitigate these challenges by equipping your cleaning operatives with exceptional safety workwear. This will allow you to put in place the following safeguards:


Safety clothing keeps the wearer dry at all times and protected from the effects of chemicals.


The wearer stays warm in cold environments and cool in hot surroundings.


Reflective strips ensure that your workers can be seen in low visibility.


Lightweight and flexible yet highly robust fabric keeps your employees comfortable during their duties.


WashGuard footwear is anti-slip and designed for comfort and breathability.


Goggles prevent eye injuries and ours are resistant to fogging, making them perfect for food manufacturing environments.

Features and Benefits

FoodClean’s range of workplace safety clothing comes with multiple features and benefits that give food manufacturing employers complete peace of mind:

  • Certified chemical resistance
  • Colour-coded for instant access and suitable usage
  • Lightweight for worker manoeuvrability
  • Designed for operator comfort
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Integrated safety features, such as reflective strips
  • Knee pads for safe and comfortable working
  • Pockets designed for storing equipment nozzles
  • Elasticated cuffs that prevent snags and accidents
  • Workwear materials have oil, grease and fat resistant properties
  • Safety glasses designed to protect eyes and prevent fogging
  • Wellingtons are durable, resistant to impact and compression, insulated for cold environments and anti-static
  • Large stocks available and rapid delivery guaranteed

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