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Food Process Hygiene Systems and Equipment

FoodClean is dedicated to supplying market-leading hygiene systems and equipment, all of which have been specifically designed and developed for food manufacturers. From survey and design to supply, installation and technical support, we’re your one-stop shop for maintaining unparalleled levels of cleanliness across your workplace.

How efficient is your workplace hygiene?

The question above is one that should be given serious consideration, as it covers a wide range of factors relating to workplace hygiene within the food industry. Efficiency isn’t just about the level of cleanliness achieved, as it also encompasses consistency, ease of use, downtime and production rates, labour hours, the amount of energy, water and chemicals required, and of course the associated costs to your business.

By investing a little time into analysing your current hygiene systems and equipment, chances are you will uncover a few areas that lack efficiency. Perhaps your employees have to spend too many hours each day to achieve the cleanliness required of your sector. Maybe your business is using more energy than desired, which will impede its ambitious green targets. Or it could simply be a case of your workplace hygiene levels being passable rather than exceptional.

Food Clean - Equipment


FoodClean equipment has been created to solve multiple problems simultaneously, as it saves time, water, energy, chemicals, money and labour thanks to its innovative design and application.

By switching to FoodClean equipment, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your workplace hygiene and accelerate your production rates as a result.

Clean Factory Revolution

FoodClean helps create a sustainable hygiene blueprint to multiple problems and constraints faced by food manufacturing companies around the globe.

FoodClean Cleaning & Disinfection Systems

Food manufactures are challenged constantly to increase production in a more sustainable way, in an increasingly competitive environment intensified by rising energy costs and labour shortages. The cleaning and hygiene of food processing areas urgently requires a new approach and at FoodClean we believe it’s not only possible – but it’s imperative.

Bring your cleaning and hygiene methodology up-to-date with best practice. FoodClean Cleaning & Disinfection Systems are a combination of equipment used to apply rinsing water, foaming detergent chemical and disinfectant through a single cleaning hose, from satellite cleaning units placed strategically throughout the production areas.

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Run a greener business

FoodClean equipment combines powerful and precise application with ease of use for the worker, which enables food industry cleaners to achieve top hygiene results faster than ever before. Whilst this is highly beneficial to your company’s output, workflow and bottom line, it also contributes to the running of a greener business.

When used with our range of chemicals, FoodClean equipment notably reduces the volume of energy, water and chemicals required to thoroughly clean a production floor or storage area. This means that your business can maintain premium levels of hygiene whilst cutting down its carbon footprint through efficiency and conservation. If you’re looking to achieve maximum productivity whilst minimising effort and waste, it’s time to browse through our range of food process hygiene equipment.

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