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Meat, Poultry & Fish

Meat processors, abattoirs and fisheries in need of outstanding cleaning solutions benefit from FoodClean’s wide range of chemicals, equipment and protective clothing.



FoodClean’s production support and hygiene solutions ensure top levels of cleanliness throughout all types of dairy production facilities.                                     

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Prepared Foods

We help food manufacturing businesses to create the highest quality of consumer-ready food whilst maximising production rates and minimising costs.                                    



Our automated hygiene solutions are perfect for the beverage and canned foods industries, as they significantly cut down labour and waste whilst bringing top results.



I am sure other Hygiene Managers have the same issue. This storage solution allows you to store the hoses neatly away into a storage area, and bring them out quickly & efficiently during the hygiene window.

The overall design and usability has proven to be a big hit with the team and the guys are more than happy with them since their introduction.

The guns themselves have proven their worth. These guns are lasting on average 2.5 years which is fantastic value for money.

The forefront of a happy & effective hygiene crew is equipment. Engaging with the teams, one thing that was being echoed was how heavy & uncomfortable the current trigger guns were.

We came across the Stronghold 300 and the feedback was unanimous. The feel, balance and ergonomic moulding made this an instantaneous hit. It can be used for prolonged periods of time

Really good. Comfortable, easy on the feet.

Better quality than what they were using previously. Quite light, meaning the team aren’t dragging their feet on the floor, which is also a bonus.

The operators are very happy with the consistent flow and pressure of the 40bar rinse and there is the added benefit of a quieter operation, all of which leads to reduced fatigue and a more efficient and effective hygiene operation. A further cost benefit is that the variable speed 15Kw pumpset uses less electricity than the old system and there is a reduction in water usage.

Really, really happy with the gloves – love the way they come right up the sleeve, better than anything we’ve ever had.

No joints. Anything we’ve used before doesn’t come right up the arm. WashGuard does, and they’re flexible to use. Looks professional to have all the team in the same suit.

The Garrison hose might seem expensive, but the durability makes up for it very well!

We got one two years ago for the lorry wash, where it gets dragged around on concrete, around corners etc. The original hoses lasted around 3 months, the Garrison hose is still going strong after 2 years!

QJS are a fantastic company!  Very knowledgeable, offering advice, providing solutions and quickly resolving issues we’re challenged by.

I have been buying equipment for over 10 years, and would never change this.

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The benefits to your business


Thanks to the clever nature of our chemicals and equipment, FoodClean is helping food manufacturing companies to make the cleaning process much more efficient. This significantly reduces labour hours, allowing your staff to get more done in less time.

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When the dosage of cleaning product is automatically optimised, a business only uses as much as required each time it cleans a production area. This immediately brings reduced costs, as not a single drop is wasted.

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The combination of powerful cleaning properties and an optimised dosage enables you to reduce the volume of chemical products your business uses each day. This is beneficial to the environment and profit margins alike.

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Water conservation is both a cost-saving measure and a means of becoming more environmentally sustainable as a business. FoodClean optimise the cleaning process, ensuring that water is used to full effect and consumption is minimised as a result.

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A faster and more effective cleaning process means that less energy is used in the process. Any food manufacturing business looking to reduce its carbon footprint can achieve great things by partnering with FoodClean.

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Minimise downtime

Efficiency and effectiveness are integral to productivity. FoodClean products are designed to bring top results quickly every time, helping to reduce downtime and maximise production rates.

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All FoodClean products have been designed, developed and manufactured by hygiene experts. The result is optimum levels of cleanliness across your food manufacturing business, bringing higher standards and complete reassurance with every task.

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Reducing the amount of energy, water and chemicals your employees use directly equates to more sustainable day-to-day operations. If you’re looking to run a leaner, cleaner and greener business, it’s time to join the Clean Factory Revolution.

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