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Save chemicals with FoodClean

We identified a major problem within the food manufacturing industry, which is the polluting of the world’s water-based ecosystems as a result of inefficient application. Meanwhile, many factories suffer from their effluent treatment plants being adversely affected by chemicals, which brings additional maintenance and ramps up ongoing costs.

The solution is to train your hygiene and washdown teams to use and apply the right kind of chemicals in an appropriate, safe and efficient way, which we’re here to help you achieve.

Clean Factory Revolution

Reduction of Chemicals

The reduction of chemical usage is a core element of the Clean Factory Revolution being rolled out around the world by the team here at FoodClean. The more reliable and accurate your chemical dilution, the lower the risk of costly and potentially hazardous damage to your effluent plant.

Much of the problem lies in using the wrong concentration of chemical product. Whilst too much can incapacitate an effluent plant and cause major downtime across your factory, too little will not bring the desired levels of hygiene, which can result in your business failing its compliance audits. An additional hindrance is that prediluted chemical has a limited shelf life, after which it becomes useless. The Clean Factory Revolution has been designed to combat these difficult issues.

Chemicals and equipment

The solution is to switch to the diluting of chemicals on demand, immediately reducing your volume of effluent, water treatment costs and carbon footprint in one fell swoop. FoodClean’s ChemFlow dilute chemical application systems are an excellent example of how to upgrade your factory, as chemical dosage and control are greatly improved.

In turn, this maximises food safety, eliminates manual handling issues, and facilitates a much more efficient and cost-effective use of labour. Not only do you save on the amount of chemical being used, you can also improve your chemical purchase price by buying in bulk. Take a look at our innovative systems to find out more.

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Clean Factory Revolution

FoodClean helps create a sustainable hygiene blueprint to multiple problems and constraints faced by food manufacturing companies around the globe.


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