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Case Study

Complete FoodClean Package

Pie Manufacture

  • Product range Nita Track, Satellite Stations, PowerSat, Hose & Guns, Chemicals, SLA
  • Industry Bakery
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This company initially reached out to FoodClean in view of further developing site hygiene methods and procedures and to make improvements which will bring better hygiene standards, drive efficiencies as well as assist in their drive on sustainability.

FoodClean attended the site a number of times in order to identify ways these improvements could be made, including during the cleaning shift, and completed a Sustainable Hygiene Assessment, of which the findings were documented back to the company.

Focus areas of improvement:
Develop a new futureproof washroom facility with full sustainable cleaning system.


With the Chemflow system and help from Dr Dave and the team at FoodClean, we have seen a cost reduction in chemical, water and a more efficient clean. It’s been great working with FoodClean over the last 12 months – We’ve achieved so much and really looking forward to working on future projects and continuing the work with FoodClean.

Darren Chamberlain, Hygiene Manager

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