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Case Study

Optimum Chemical Cleaning System

Whitby Seafoods

  • Product range QJS Chemflow Cleaning System
  • Industry Abbatoir, Butchery & Retail Meats
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Whitby Seafoods is firmly established as the home of chilled and frozen scampi. Established in 1985 by Graham Whittle, Whitby Seafoods catch their own responsibly sourced scampi off the coast off of Britain. You can now find Whitby scampi in all of your supermarkets, restaurants and pubs.

Whitby Seafoods were having issues with their high pressure cleaning system. The pressure valves were causing a pulsation to the water, meaning that the hoses and wash guns were suffering from a vibration..

This vibration was so severe that it was causing the hygiene operatives health issues to the extent that they were going off work on sick leave.

The cleaning chemicals were also being stored locally in a cage, requiring the operative to go and access them manually, taking them across the factory each time they needed to be used.

A medium pressure QJS ChemFlow system was proposed to Whitby Seafoods. This included a lower revolution pump that removed the pulsation of water through the hose and gun. Not only would this smoothen the water flow, reducing water use, but also remove the risk of injury for the operatives.

By using a ChemFlow system, this also means that the chemicals would be stored out of the main production area. The ChemFlow satellites allow 3 concentrated chemicals to be remotely piped into each satellite. This allows the hygiene operatives to use the chemicals as and when required, rather than storing them in the cage as previous.
The change to a medium pressure QJS ChemFlow system has solved a variety of issues for Whitby Seafoods.

Whitby Seafoods were able to install the cleaning system internally, whilst QJS commissioned and serviced all on-going maintenance.

The ChemFlow is now in place, delivering excellent and thorough cleaning with more constant water pressure, better quality foam and more user-friendly equipment


Since Whitby Seafoods Ltd installed the QJS centralized 40bar rinse system at the beginning of 2020, one of the big gains, which was the prime motivation for purchasing the QJS system, has been the elimination of hand/arm vibration issues which the hygiene operators used to suffer from when using the original individual high-pressure piston pump units.

The operators are very happy with the consistent flow and pressure of the 40bar rinse and there is the added benefit of a quieter operation, all of which leads to reduced fatigue and a more efficient and effective hygiene operation. A further cost benefit is that the variable speed 15Kw pumpset uses less electricity than the old system and there is a reduction in water usage.

Andy Bijl, Engineering Manager

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