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Case Study

Save Money by using Quality Garrison Hose

Faccenda Group

  • Product range QJS Garrison High Pressure Washdown Hose
  • Industry Abbatoir, Butchery & Retail Meats
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Faccenda Foods, also known as Faccenda Group Limited, was established in 1962 and delivered fresh poultry products and convenience goods to the consumer market through supermarkets and restaurants. In 2018, Faccenda and Cargill opened the joint venture Avara Foods for their fresh UK poultry business.

Due to the nature of products produced, and the high pressure used at the Faccenda Foods production plant, the hygiene team required a hose that would withstand the harshest of environments including tough disinfectant chemicals.

Faccenda also used a duo system which switched between chemicals. This meant that the hose had to be suitable for a variety of chemicals and cleaning accessories. Therefore, both durability and flexibility were key factors.

The range of hoses put forward was the Garrison High Pressure wash down hose. Specifically designed for food factory systems, the tough outer cover resists attacks from chemicals, animal fats and any wear and tear abrasions – meaning the cover stays intact and does not peel away.

The erosion of their hoses was a particular concern for Faccenda, who were replacing their existing wash down hoses every 3 months in some areas due to damage. The Garrison is constructed with a galvanised steel braiding to resist any corrosion and adding to hose life.

Garrison was also offered with a 12 month wear and tear guarantee for Faccenda, offering peace of mind that should the hose suffer from any faults, QJS would replace it. Whilst the Garrison would be more expensive than Faccenda’s existing supplier, the guarantee and knowledge that it work last much longer made it an excellent choice for their high pressure cleaning system.

Faccenda’s first Garrison hose was implemented in 2017 and is still going strong in 2020.

As a result of the performance of their first Garrison hose, Faccenda replaced the rest of their hoses with the same range, meaning there is more than 10 Garrison high pressure hoses still  in use.

This means rather than replacing 10+ hoses every 3 months, which over two years is at least 80 hoses, they have been able use the same quality Garrison high pressure hoses with no issues.


The Garrison hose might seem expensive, but the durability makes up for it very well!

We got one two years ago for the lorry wash, where it gets dragged around on concrete, around corners etc. The original hoses lasted around 3 months, the Garrison hose is still going strong after 2 years!

Richard Hadfield, Assistant Hatchery Manager

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