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Case Study

Comfortable, Effective Cleaning

Alfred G Pearce

  • Product range QJS Stronghold 300 Wash Guns
  • Industry Prepared Meals and Salads
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Alfred G Pearce is a third generation, family owned vegetable and fruit processing business, established in 1959. From prepared vegetables to a variety of fully packed frozen fruit and vegetables, Alfred G Pearce pride themselves on ownership of the crop, delivering quality produce across Europe.

With the vast array of vegetables and fruit processed within the factory, it was important that Alfred G Pearce used the correct wash guns to deliver the optimum clean at their site. They maintain strict quality control protocols,  including within the hygiene team, and maintain full traceability.

With this in mind, QJS began looking at wash gun solutions for Alfred G Pearce, and how they could optimise their existing hygiene routines.

Firstly, QJS spoke with Alfred G Pearce to understand the current difficulties that the hygiene team were having.

The team were mentioning how heavy and uncomfortable their existing wash guns were, and that over a long period of time, this was causing them significant pain.

There was also potential to improve the water flow and achieve a water saving during each hygiene shift. For this reason, QJS proposed the Stronghold 300 range of wash guns are lightweight, compact and a long-lasting alternative for both low and medium pressure systems.

By using a Stronghold 300 wash gun, the hygiene team were able to deliver an accurate and precise spray pattern for a more effective clean. The spray is also adjustable, from wide angle to a straight jet. This was an important factor to remove the variety of debris that the Alfred G Pearce team have on their production site – whilst a wide angle spray may work for removing smaller fruit such as blueberries, this is unlikely to have the power to wash away root vegetables such as swede. By using a Stronghold 300, there is no need to swap guns or change pressure, simply adjust the nozzle.

The Alfred G Pearce hygiene team are achieving great success with their new Stronghold 300 wash guns.

All of the low pressure system has now been fitted with the Stronghold guns, meaning there is no need to use a higher pressure thanks to the variable flow.

The low pressure trigger and lock means that the Stronghold 300 wash gun can be used comfortably for a longer period of time, as well as to wash away a variety of debris. Whilst cleaning using low pressure water can often mean debris gets left behind, the Stronghold 300 wash guns negate this and provide an effective clean throughout the production area.


The forefront of a happy & effective hygiene crew is equipment. Engaging with the teams, one thing that was being echoed was how heavy & uncomfortable the current trigger guns were.

We came across the Stronghold 300 and the feedback was unanimous. The feel, balance and ergonomic moulding made this an instantaneous hit. It can be used for prolonged periods of time

Mark Bunting, Technical Manager

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