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Case Study

Operative-Friendly, Hygienic Wellingtons

Baileys Turkeys

  • Product range QJS Washguard Clothing & Wellingtons
  • Industry Abbatoir, Butchery & Retail Meats
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Bailey’s Turkeys are Cheshire’s leading producer of locally reared turkeys. With over 50 years of experience, they passionately believe that breed, rearing and welfare are key to a great tasting bird.

With the nature of the product being produced, hygiene remains of critical importance for Bailey’s, ensuring they offer a premium product all year round, with five breeds offered at the farm.

Always looking to optimise their cleaning routine and streamline the processes, Bailey’s Turkeys began talks with QJS to review their hygiene routine and systems. With a high pressure system and harsh chemicals used on the main factory line, it is important that not only the correct equipment is used, but also that the operatives are sufficiently protected..

The protective clothing and wellington boots were the first issue to be raised. As everything is managed on-site, from lairage to defeathering, there  is multiple cleaning points and operatives having to split the use of hoses and other equipment.

Bailey’s Turkeys had an existing, local provider of their protective equipment for their hygiene team, but these items were not chemical certified and the wellingtons had a history of splitting if they were subject to hard use; which was going to be a common problem if using a high pressure cleaning system and concentrated chemicals.

QJS proposed use of the WashGuard range of chemical resistant clothing. Not only is the clothing officially certified to offer operatives protection from chemicals but they are wear and tear resistant.

The WashGuard wellingtons were also put forward. With the amount of cleaning done on-site, the WashGuard wellingtons offered a host of advantages including backward washout flow that allows debris  to easily wash out of any crevices and the high-slip resistance.

The WashGuard wellingtons have been a fantastic addition for Bailey’s Turkeys to their hygiene operation.

WashGuard has become a staple of the Bailey’s operation, and Baileys now use a variety of the equipment including jackets, bib & brace kits and wellingtons.

Traditionally, Bailey’s Turkeys did not order extra stock to save on costs and storage, however the WashGuard range has proved so useful and beneficial for the team, that they are now looking to expand the range across the site.


Really good. Comfortable, easy on the feet.

Better quality than what they were using previously. Quite light, meaning the team aren’t dragging their feet on the floor, which is also a bonus.

Darren Davies, Hygiene Manager

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