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Case Study

Quality, Durable High Pressure Hose

Euro Quality Lambs

  • Product range FoodClean by QJS Garrison High Pressure Hose
  • Industry Abbatoir, Butchery & Retail Meats
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Euro Quality Lambs are a leading supplier of high-quality lambs throughout UK and Europe. Starting as a family business in 1992, they now employ over 90 colleagues and process up to 25,000 lamb carcasses per week.

The care and welfare of their animals is a priority, focusing on delivering the best possible product to customer plates. Therefore, Euro Quality Lambs also wanted to ensure that their hygiene operation was running with the optimum equipment, due to the sensitive nature of the product being handled and processed.

Euro Quality Lambs used a high pressure cleaning system, which means that the hygiene equipment needs to withstand a high bar rating and deliver fluid and chemicals that offer an effective clean.

As with many high pressure systems, Euro Quality Lambs were suffering from regular breakages and damages to their hygiene equipment.

With hoses specifically, these were being replaced three times a year. Not only is this a significant cost each year, but also means there is some production downtime whilst hoses are replaced.

As an abattoir, the hoses would also have to withstand a harsh environment with potentially corrosive chemicals, which with cheaper hoses can peel off the casing of hoses and cause cross contamination.

FoodClean proposed the Garrison high pressure hose. Designed specifically for food manufacturers, the Garrison range has a tough outer cover that resists attacks from chemicals, animal fats and abrasions.

In order to withstand the high pressure water, the Garrison high pressure hose uses steel braiding which is galvanised and resists any internal corrosion. Despite this, the Garrison is more lightweight and flexible than conventional hoses, and is available in multiple colours.

The installation of the Garrison high pressure hoses has been fantastic for Euro Quality Lambs.

Rather than replacing their hoses three times per year, the Garrison hose has not required changing. The tougher, more durable outer cover does not peel and due to its lightweight nature, it is easier to use the Garrison hose in the various areas of the production line.

The Garrison hose can comfortably handle the regular temperature of around 60-65 degrees, and high water flows.


Product supplied (Garrison High Pressure Hose) has lived up to expectations. Quality has been impressive and more than worth the price paid.

Breakage has reduced considerably, where I would change the hose three times a year, we have not changed the Garrison hose yet.

Service is good and issues are resolved a soon as possible. Fully satisfied with the service.

Saif Khalid, Hygiene & Quality Manager

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