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Case Study

Lightweight, Variable Spray Wash Guns

High Weald Dairy

  • Product range: FoodClean Stronghold 300 Wash Guns
  • Industry Dairy
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Established in the late 1980’s, High Weald Dairy in West Sussex make an award-winning range of cow, sheep and  goat milk cheeses for the consumer market, farm shops and retailers.

With the nature of the products produced and involved in the production line, the dairy manufacturing industry is extremely hygiene sensitive. From final packing, conveyor belt cleaning and ensuring chillers, freezers and fridges remain at optimum cleanliness.

Looking to improve their hygiene routine and systems for their small but dedicated team, High Weald Dairy spoke to FoodClean by QJS.

FoodClean by QJS first took steps to understand High Weald Dairy’s existing hygiene set up, including the number of wash points and existing rinse system.

The Stronghold 300 wash guns were put forward as a suitable, long lasting solution for High Weald Dairy’s daily wash down routine. The Stronghold 300 can be used with both low and medium pressures, and offers a water saving of 20% compared to alternative low-pressure wash guns.

With costs always under scrutiny, the fact that the Stronghold wash gun would save up to 20% on water with a variable flow rate was an immediate attraction.

As a small, multi-skilled team, High Weald Dairy also required their operatives to undertake a variety of tasks. This meant everything from coagulation to curd separation and of course the hygiene shift. Therefore, High Weald Dairy were looking for a wash down gun that did not require much force to operate and would not put added strain on the user.

The Stronghold 300 wash guns were immediately put to use by the team at High Weald Dairy.

By using the guns and the variable spray pattern, they were able to achieve fantastic cleaning results whilst saving water.

They have also not had to replace their guns. With other wash guns lasting on average just 3-4 months, the Stronghold wash gun has now lasted 6 months, and with a 12 month guarantee on any wear and tear, has much more life left in it. The lighter, each touch trigger makes the Stronghold range more user friendly and easier to use for sustained periods of time.


The cheese makers really like the Stronghold 300 wash guns. The triggers are much lighter.

The variable spray pattern allows us to achieve the same cleaning result using much less water.

Mark Hardy, Owner

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