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Case Study

Flexible, Effective Medium Pressure Cleaning

Fountain Foods

  • Product range FoodClean Mobile Cleaning Unit
  • Industry Prepared Meals & Salads
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Fountain Foods produce a vast range of fresh, frozen and brined products to the food industry. From frozen coated vegetable products to pickles, Fountain Foods’ key belief is that quality and service are fundamental to achieving customer satisfaction.

With multiple drop points across the Fountain Foods site, they required a cleaning system that was flexible and could be used by multiple operatives without suffering from reduced performance.

Fountain Foods were using a high pressure cleaning system, which was not delivering the quality of foam required for satisfactory cleaning. The high pressure units required a lot of maintenance and the hygiene team were having to ‘double clean’ many areas of the factory as debris was sprayed from one surface to another.

FoodClean by QJS arranged a site visit to Fountain Foods and worked with site drawings to devise a medium pressure system. Initially a centralised system was the preferred choice, however after experiencing the flexibility and user-friendly nature of the Q2 Mobile machine, this was the chosen option to proceed with.

The Q2 mobile machine delivers all of the benefits of a medium pressure cleaning system, including the delivery of chemical, rinse and disinfectant through one wash gun.

With the Q2 mobiles, these can be manoeuvred around the factory to be used at any drop point. This was especially important as the site drawing included more than 20 drop points and would involve multiple hygiene operatives.

One of the major pain points was the unreliability and maintenance required with Fountain Foods’ high pressure system. The Q2 mobiles, as with all FoodClean cleaning systems, use a centrifugal, water lubricated pump. This means that not only are they more robust, reliable and efficient, but with only one shaft seal per pump, there are few wearing parts. The inverter driven rinse pump only uses electricity proportionate to the amount of operatives drawing from the system, which saves on cost and is more environmentally friendly, whilst the slow start/stop and variable speed means much less wear and noise.

Fountain Foods have found great success from moving to the medium pressure Q2 machines.

The machines provide an improved clean by retaining the heat and water velocity better than high pressure, meaning the hygiene operatives clean faster and with less water.

As the machines are more efficient, Fountain Foods are able to clean more without increasing their water or electricity usage.

Chemicals are no longer pre-mixed and the hygiene team have everything they need to clean effectively at the point of use.


We have found at Fountain Foods that our new FoodClean 20bar rinse systems provide a much better clean and experience for the operators all around. The highly efficient pumps use much less electricity than our previous high pressure systems and we have also had a reduction in overall water usage, in that we are now doing much more cleaning than we were before but our water usage has not gone up.

Our team/s on the ground just find that with more water actually concentrated on the object at hand rather than the excess splash experienced with high pressure, that the cleaning is so much easier and quicker than they had ever experienced before. Also, the pumps are so much quieter and the operators don’t complain about any high pressure kick back any more as the new pumps are slow start and close down. Overall a much better experience for our operatives and we are very pleased that we made the change.

We have also seen efficiency in the application of detergent and sanitiser as we are not having to pre-mix this in foamers and everything is to hand in one place. The team really like the range of nozzles and tools that can be used on the end and have found they can get in a lot closer to the piece of equipment we are cleaning, allow a lot better and more thorough clean.

All in all really please we made the switch.

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