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Enhancing Workplace Safety:

A Deep Dive into FoodClean’s Commitment

Health and safety at work is paramount, especially in industries dealing with food production, heavy equipment, and chemicals. As we observe World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024, it’s imperative to highlight initiatives that prioritise workplace safety.

At FoodClean, we stand at the forefront, supporting businesses worldwide in safeguarding their workers and overall business integrity.


Your Hygiene Heroes are in Safe Hands – Reducing Workplace Injuries with FoodClean

Protect Them to Protect Everyone Else – Workwear:
Your cleaning teams are more than mere operatives; they are the unsung heroes of hygiene. Understanding their pivotal role, FoodClean has carefully designed the WashGuard range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety clothing.

Our mission is clear: To shield your food factory’s hygiene heroes from workplace hazards and potential chemical exposures, empowering them to deliver exceptional results consistently.
When your cleaning operatives are equipped with the best safety gear, they can execute their tasks flawlessly, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Upgrading to the WashGuard range not only enhances protection against workplace hazards but also enhances productivity, thanks to its manoeuvrability, durability, and high visibility features.

Reducing Workplace Injuries with FoodClean – Medium Pressure and Speed Control:

Why should you switch to Medium Pressure?
Many food and drink manufacturing businesses struggle to clean their production areas efficiently while saving time, water, and chemicals. But another area of consideration is the prolonged use of wash guns which can potentially lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Our Stronghold 300 washdown guns, operating at Medium Pressure, feature a low-force, easy-to-hold trigger, reducing user fatigue, vibration, and strain during extended use. In a case study at High Weald Dairy, operators praised the lighter triggers, enhancing comfort during cleaning tasks.

Make the switch to Medium Pressure for safer and more efficient cleaning operations.

Additionally, our Nita Retractable Speed Control Hose Reel System enhances workplace safety by preventing accidental hose releases. Its controlled rewinding speed of 0.7 meters per second significantly reduces the risk compared to the industry average of 2 meters per second. The Nita SC’s unique design prevents sudden hose retractions caused by pressure shocks, ensuring operator safety.

Training and Education – Using the Right Kit at the Right Time in the Right Place

Through innovative training programs, FoodClean empowers businesses to enhance safety, reduce costs, and maximise productivity. Our online platform offers educational courses covering various topics such as Manual Handling, COSH, and HACCP, allowing teams to learn at their own pace. In addition, we provide bespoke training packages tailored to individual business needs, ensuring that teams are proficient in utilising our systems, equipment, and chemicals effectively.


FoodClean Experience Centre

At the heart of FoodClean’s commitment lies the FoodClean Experience Centre (FEC) in Lincoln. We identified a gap in the market where teams struggled to get out of the day to day working atmosphere to explore and understand more about food hygiene best practices, new innovative concepts in the industry reducing your total cost of clean including reductions in chemical, water and much more.

The FEC hosts inspirational hygiene forum discussions, workshops, and comprehensive training courses, providing hands-on demonstrations in a realistic high-risk factory environment. Our goal is to equip your teams with invaluable insights and advice, fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement and innovation for the industry.


Chemical Handling

FoodClean has evolved and is now a manufacturer specialising in chemical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of our customers. Our dedication is to assist your food manufacturing facility in optimising production and reducing waste by offering customised hygiene solutions. We offer a variety of detergents and disinfectants designed for use in the food, dairy, and beverage processing industries. Backed by our proficient Chemical team, we provide comprehensive guidance and education to our customers, advising on the appropriate chemicals for their processes, correct application methods, and ensuring the safety of their workforce by educating them on proper handling practices to prevent chemical spills and related hazards.

In conclusion, FoodClean stands as a beacon of safety and innovation, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure workplace well-being. Whether through state-of-the-art systems and equipment, tailored training programs, chemical solutions or immersive experiences at the FEC, FoodClean is dedicated to supporting businesses in their journey towards a safer and healthier workplace.


Get in touch with us today to explore how we can elevate your safety standards and visit our Experience Centre to embark on a transformative journey towards workplace excellence.


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