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Stronghold 300 Low/Medium Wash Gun

This small, compact & lightweight wash gun is an excellent, long lasting alternative for clients with both low and medium pressure wash down systems. Available in both blue and red to suit factory colour coding schemes. It is usable with temperatures as high as 93°C.

Watch the Stronghold 300 Comparison Videos Here!

Water Saving by 20% compared to other low-pressure traditional wash guns.

Brand : Stronghold
Pressure : Low/Medium Pressure

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  • All wetted parts constructed of stainless steel longer lasting and improved hygiene
  • Insulated air gap in handle – stays cool even using hot water
  • 2 flow rates available; Standard Flow (water saving compared to regular water guns) or High Flow (when a higher flow of water is required)
  • Precise fully adjustable spray patterns for effective cleaning
  • Trigger lock – can be removed if required
  • Low force, easy hold trigger – reduces user fatigue and strain when used for long periods
  • Tough trigger guard to prevent damage to trigger
  • Impact resistant case and trigger guard to cope with the rigours of the food processing industry.


  1. Cleaning using less water
  2. Variable spray pattern for flexible cleaning
  3. Lighter trigger – User friendly

Technical Details

Max Pressure Max temp Weight
1-50 bar – Safe for use on medium pressure systems 93°C 0.68kg

Technical Document

Accurate, Precise Spray Pattern

Precise fully adjustable spray pattern for effective cleaning. The Stronghold 300 offers an accurate / precise spray pattern from a wide angle spray, with trigger opened slightly, to a narrow angle spray when trigger is half open. A straight jet can be achieved when the trigger is pulled back fully.

Spray Comparison – Water saving by 20%

This small, compact & lightweight washgun is an excellent, long lasting alternative for clients with both low and medium pressure washdown systems. Water saving comparison by 20% compared to traditional low pressure water guns. These videos show the spray comparison when compared to the QJS– Dinga, Strahman and RB65 Low Pressure Wash Guns.

The cheese makers really like the Stronghold 300 wash guns. The triggers are much lighter.
The variable spray pattern allows us to achieve the same cleaning result using much less water.

Mark Hardy, Owner

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