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Cleaning solutions for the food industry

FoodClean Chemistry is a full range of detergents and disinfectants that have been specifically formulated for daily use across the food, dairy and beverage processing sectors. This ensures that the chemicals your employees use for cleaning their production lines and work areas are designed to bring significantly better results in less time, all while helping your business to achieve ongoing environmental sustainability.

Foams, film cleaners & disinfectants

Our open plant cleaning product formulations come in a full range of foams and hybrid “film detergents.” The hybrids have been designed to provide extended chemical to surface contact times for the effective removal of more tenacious soil types.

FoodClean Chemistry ranges of high-performance open plant cleaning detergents and contact surface terminal disinfectants work in unison with FoodClean Equipment. By applying specifically formulated chemicals with high-precision equipment, your business will save time, money, labour, energy and water on a daily basis whilst delivering on the high expectations our food industry requires and expects.

This all-embracing approach to cleaning and disinfection within the food, dairy and beverage processing industries is what we call the Clean Factory Revolution, which is changing the way food manufacturers manage their workplace hygiene activity.

Single Organisation Responsibility

FoodClean is now able to offer what we feel is a totally new & unique approach to the requirements of the Food, Dairy & Beverage processing sectors.

Premium Equipment

FoodClean EquipmentThe FoodClean range of premium quality equipment, already established, well proven & respected throughout the industry for its build quality, reliability & performance.

Premium Products

The FoodClean range of hygiene products & disinfectants specifically designed to be applied and work in unison with the FoodClean range of equipment, to deliver premium cleaning results in conjunction with collective responsibility.

Chemistry Centre

The FoodClean “Chemistry Centre”, our own hygiene product production, technical & QA lab facility to ensure our products are manufactured to the exacting standards required for our customers & industry. Requests for new product formulations will also be handled to address particular soil types which can then be trialled in our own “wet area”.

Experience Centre

FoodClean Experience CentreThe FoodClean “Experience Centre”, a totally new purpose-built facility which houses its own food production standards “wet area” & viewing gallery, to showcase and demonstrate the FoodClean range of premium equipment & hygiene product range for our existing & new customers. The centre also includes its own training facility which can cover the training

Clean Factory Revolution

FoodClean helps create a sustainable hygiene blueprint to multiple problems and constraints faced by food manufacturing companies around the globe.

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