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Dr Dave develops

The FoodClean Product Concentration Finder App and Meter

At FoodClean our goal is to reduce the overall cost of cleaning, and we do this by allowing you to work smarter. Labour efficiencies, chemical savings, water and energy reductions are just a few of the ways we can make your clean more efficient and save you time and money. Another way that FoodClean is making your hygiene teams’ work simpler and more effective is in our innovative approach to chemical titrations.

In general the most common way to measure the concentrations of your chemical dosing is to use dropper titration methods – but these are time consuming, use testing chemicals and indicators, are sometimes quite complicated to follow, are not particularly accurate and depend on the operator to correctly identify a colour change.

FoodClean has developed a digital meter system, linked to a smart phone app, which can accurately determine the product concentration of our chemicals literally within seconds. The FoodClean Product Concentration Finder app and meter method is unaffected by the operator’s ability to correctly dispense droplets and to reproducibly determine the colour change as it uses an electrode and digital meter to generate an accurate digital reading of the product in-use concentration – this saves time, gives an accurate reading every time and doesn’t need any testing chemicals.


This video demonstrates how easy it is to capture the data.


If you would like to discuss this app with our Head of Chemical Technology, please contact the team today.

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