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The FoodClean Experience Centre

We’ve Launched the FoodClean Experience Centre

You’ve probably noticed that our business has evolved in multiple ways over the last twelve months, from a brand refresh to a new proposition: the FoodClean sustainable blueprint. We now offer the full package to your food manufacturing company, comprising Chemistry, Equipment, Protect and Academy. Each of these areas has undergone extensive development, and we’re delighted to announce that the Academy element is now in full flow thanks to the launch of our state-of-the-art food hygiene facility, the FoodClean Experience Centre.



What is the FEC?

The FoodClean Experience Centre, or FEC, is a unique and multi-functional venue that’s dedicated to all things food hygiene. Enhancing the FoodClean customer experience, it includes a fully kitted out training room to comfortably accommodate up to 25 people, and a boardroom on the mezzanine floor, with a height adjustable boardroom table to seat up to 14 people. Our team can now deliver classroom theory lessons with practical demonstrations using FoodClean systems, which is a truly effective way to train your teams in how to achieve food hygiene best practice.

With strong Wi-Fi, HD screens, built-in ceiling microphones and multiple room configurations, the FoodClean Experience Centre is a versatile hub of innovation, collaboration and ideation. It’s here that we’re now holding invaluable discussions and helping teams to improve their skill sets, as well as showcasing our wide range of cleaning solutions in a real-life factory environment.

Where is the FEC?

We put a lot of thought into the new FoodClean Experience Centre and asked our networks for input during the development phase. This enabled us to factor in numerous features that will maximise the training programmes, such as high-quality catering facilities with a full working kitchen and our very own on-site bakery! The FEC is based in a centralised location in Lincoln, which is easily accessible by train and motorway, plus we’ve made sure to save space for ample free parking.

How do I get involved?

As well as inviting food manufacturing companies to book a visit, the FEC offers industry standard courses both on site and online. These are complemented by bespoke food manufacture hygiene courses specific to the requirements of your business, equipping you with the knowledge required to help your cleaning teams achieve top results whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
Meanwhile, our factory area allows live product demos to be experienced in person or streamed anywhere in the world to our customers, making the FoodClean Experience Centre’s impressive offering available to the global food manufacturing industry.

Are you facing a challenge?

Our approach to training is both proactive and responsive. We determine common issues faced by food manufacturing businesses and create digestible training courses to help you overcome them. Simultaneously, we work collaboratively to pinpoint more specific challenges and develop bespoke solutions to ensure they no longer affect your safety and production rates.

Stacey Logan, Marketing Manager at FoodClean, said: “The FoodClean Experience Centre is a fantastic addition to the new FoodClean proposition. I’ve been part of the journey from the initial design and build stages all the way through to completion and launch, which has been a fascinating journey. We’re now welcoming visitors to the FEC and they’re instantly amazed by what they find, from demonstrations of innovative solutions to inspirational discussions and workshops. Thanks to the FEC being a high-risk factory environment, visitors can ‘plug and play’ whilst gaining valuable training and advice from the experts at FoodClean.”

It’s all about the hygiene strategy!
A number of well-known industry food manufactures have already walked through our doors and the facility is taking bookings for regular quarterly hygiene forums. The FEC held its first Strategic Innovation Day with Cranswick on 26th January, which was a resounding success with so many positive action points taken away from the day by Cranswick and FoodClean.

Dan Turner, Director at FoodClean, said: “The FoodClean Experience Centre was created so that food manufacturing experts can come away from the constraints of their own factory and enter a bespoke environment of learning and discovery. Here they can explore and validate exactly the right hygiene blueprint for their premises, including new and innovative ways of cleaning with the perfect water pressure, temperature and flow. Together with the exact combination of speciality chemical products, carefully tailored protective gear, drying systems, and curated training courses to precisely suit the needs of your team, the FEC provides an unforgettable, informative and unique experience in the critically important world of sustainable food hygiene.”

Ready to explore the FEC?

We’re thrilled to offer insightful courses and hands-on training to food manufacturing businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you’d like to visit the FoodClean Experience Centre or discuss our courses, get in touch with our team at or call +44 (0) 1522 703 703.

The FoodClean Experience Centre – The Revolution Continues!


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