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World Water Day

World Water Day 2024

Since 1992, the 22nd of March has been World Water Day. Water, a resource that varies in accessibility worldwide, remains crucial for all life forms.

Despite the Earth’s surface being predominantly covered by water, with oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes, usable water is scarce. Only a small fraction, 2.5%, constitutes fresh water, and even less than 1% of that is readily available in liquid form for human consumption. Understanding the scarcity underscores the significance of preserving this vital resource.

In recent times, the frequency of meteorological events and natural disasters has surged, impacting countless lives, habitats, and health worldwide. To mitigate or reverse this trend, concerted efforts are required at both personal and industrial levels.

paving the way for water conservation
Why is this important in the Food Manufacturing Industry?

The significance of water conservation extends to the food manufacturing industry. Many food factories squander vast amounts of water in their cleaning processes, with a single cleaner potentially wasting up to 2.5 million litres annually (1), incurring significant financial and environmental costs. Adopting medium-pressure cleaning protocols, as recommended by FoodClean, can substantially reduce water consumption while enhancing operational efficiency and employee welfare.

Moreover, the agri-food sector also contributes to water pollution, notably through the use of plastic drums for chemical transportation. Despite recycling efforts, a significant amount ends up in landfills, polluting our oceans, water quality, biodiversity and human health.

FoodClean provides a holistic approach to hygiene for the food industry, offering innovative solutions to address hygiene, comfort and safety concerns. At FoodClean we also advise water conservation and efficient usage, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

For further details on how FoodClean’s cleaning systems can minimise your water consumption annually, and ensure your factory is heading towards a more sustainable approach, contact us today.

(1) Using a low-pressure hose at a rate of 45 L/min for 5 hours a day, 365 days a year = 45L x 60min x 5h x 365d = 4,927,500 L/year. Using a medium-pressure cleaning system provides better cleaning in less time: 25 L/min for 4.5 hours a day = 25L x 60min x 4.5h x 365d = 2,463,750 L/year (= 2.5 million litres saved per year).



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