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Why Food Manufacturers Prefer Centralised Chemical Cleaning Systems

Central Chemical Cleaning methodology is a leaner and more sustainable option for hygiene washdown requirements in the Food Processing and Manufacturing industry.

A Centralised Cleaning System solution is characterized by prediluted detergents being pumped to each workstation from a main station placed in a separate central location. These systems minimise the daily handling of detergents, ensures accurate concentration for all users and makes operating the individual system as simple and safe as possible

When looking at cleaning systems, Food Manufacturers are reviewing the Lean, Safe and Sustainable features that are offered.  With a Centralised Chemical Cleaning System, the following options are the minimum you can expect;

Save Labour | Minimise Risks | Reduce Effluent | Help Towards ‘Zero To Waste Landfill’ | Improve Food Safety | Reduce Overheads

Save Labour

Reduce set up/pack down time by having ready diluted chemical and washdown equipment right ready to use. Keeping your kit safe, placed where the team need it, means you can begin cleaning immediately, saving your factory time and money and potentially enabling more production.!

Reduce time taken on titration checks, using only 1 titration point – Titration checks can be time consuming, particularly in a large factory with many hose points. Introducing a more reliable central chemical dosing system means you can be assured of only needing to titrate at one point, saving your team hours of labour

Minimise Risks

Reduce manual handling. Chemical drum handling is a common risk in food factories. For a long-term improvement that is more sustainable, central chemical systems have one centrally located IBC with highly accurate dilution and distribution pumps. This removes the need for arduous manual handling of chemical drums.

Reduce chemical burn risks by dosing from IBC’s. Central chemical dosing systems dose and pump chemical direct from an IBC, eliminating the need for operatives to handle concentrated chemical. The chemical containers can be kept outside of the production area and do not need transportation. Therefore, these Centralised Chemical Cleaning Systems, such as the QJS ChemFlow distribute diluted chemical to point of use, reducing the risk of chemical coming into contact with operators or any food processing surfaces

Reduce Effluent

Save effluent plant shutdown with highly accurate dosing. The more reliable and accurate your chemical dilution is, reduces the risk of effluent plant damage or failure. Too much chemical could close the effluent plant down temporarily, and too little chemical could mean rinse water is over treated, potentially needing to be reprocessed.

Eliminate predilute chemical to reduce chemical disposal. This is because when diluted chemical is not used after a short while, it becomes less effective. To remove the need for predilution, and reduce your volume of effluent, diluting chemical only on demand will save the environment, reduce your water treatment bills and reduce your carbon footprint. To remove prediluted chemical tanks from your factory, a Chemical Dosing System which can help is the QJS ChemFlow System.

Reduce water usage through accurate cleaning. Efficient use of water obviously reduces the volume your effluent plant needs to treat. For more info on water saving cleaning, see our Sustainability & Water Saving blog.

Help Towards ‘Zero Waste’

Reduce plastic waste by minimizing the use of smaller chemical drums. Bulk Chemical Containers (IBC’s) can be cleaned and reused, helping you achieve ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’. This reduces drum sterilizing costs and saves on water that is used to clean the drums out before they are disposed of, recycled or reused

Improve Food Safety And Quality

Reduce food tainting risks with Highly Accurate Proportional Dosing technology. The accuracy of Q2 ChemFlow proportional dosing pumps, are accurate to +/- 0.5%. Knowing that your system is dosing chemical to this accuracy, gives you confidence that compliance to auditors food safety checks can always be met.

Save titration checks and reporting with one titration point. Having a Central Chemical Cleaning system assures you of only needing to titrate at one point, eliminating manual handling, reduce reporting requirements, allowing labour use to be utilised more efficiently.

Reduce Overheads

Save costs of chemicals by dosing from IBCs. Purchasing in bulk will reduce your chemical costs per litre. Couple this with titration checks from one point, lesser manual handling requirements and reduced plastic waste costs, your overheads will immediately benefit when you move to bulk chemical storage

Reduce the total cost of cleaning all while complying with confidence. Combining the suggestions listed will reduce Food Processing Facilities overhead costs immediately. Implementing these changes will increase efficiencies, reduce waste, improve labour utilisation and increase overall production.

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