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The Benefits Of A Spray Bar Cleaning System

QJS spray bar systems are specifically designed and manufactured for conveyor belt cleaning in the food processing industry.

Conveyor belts are one of the most important and most used transport systems in the food manufacturing industry. They appear in most processing steps and connect raw unprocessed foods to processed products. Such systems, therefore, are plagued with contamination risks unless a rigorous cleaning methodology is in place.

Unfortunately, the cleanability of conveying equipment is infrequently optimised. There are many types and sizes of conveyors with many possible uses, which makes the implementation of effective hygiene operations more difficult.

Knowledge & Design

Nozzle selection combined with expert and specialist knowledge of spray systems will be needed to get optimal results. QJS works with Hygiene and Engineering teams to design a customised, bespoke system that matches the specific requirements of conveyors across the factory.

Typically, nozzles will be arranged on a Spray Bar and will direct a line of impact spray at the conveyor system below. The Spray Bar System can be combined with either automatic or manual cleaning systems.

Water Saving

Correct nozzle selection in QJS Spray Bars cleaning applications dramatically improve cleaning whilst reducing overall water consumption.

This incredible increase in surface area from a simple nozzle has many water saving applications. It allows for hugely increased reactivity and heat exchange making any such processes far more efficient.

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Spray Bar Arrangements

When cleaning a moving conveyor below, multiple nozzles will need to be arranged in a spray bar. The spray angle and distance from the target will determine how wide the spray is at the point of impact. This will then determine how many nozzles are required.

The speed of the conveyor and the flow rate of the nozzle at a given pressure will dictate how much fluid is delivered per square m of product. Exactly how much fluid is required will depend very much on the residue that needs to be cleaned.

Optimising Conveyor Cleaning

To ensure your facility has fully optimised cleaning methodologies of conveyors, contact the QJS team today on +44 (0) 1522 703703.
Your team will design a bespoke QJS Spray Bar System that will:

  • Reduce cleaning times, extending production time
  • Increase water & chemical efficiencies
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Prevent contamination and microbial growth
  • Increase levels of hygiene and food safety

1 litre of water can have a surface area as low as 0.048m2. This would be a single 1 litre “drop” with a single sphere about 12 cm in diameter.

If this single droplet litre of spray is divided into smaller droplets, then the surface area will double with every halving of drop size diameter.

A typical spray might have a droplet size average diameter of 100 microns. This is 1200 times smaller and so the surface will be 1200 higher meaning the same litre of liquid would now have a surface area of about 576m2.


We have installed many Spray Bar systems across a variety of sectors. These images and videos show some recent options installed.

2 Bar QJS Spray Bar System

QJS Spray Bar Connected To A QJS Mobile Cleaner

2 Bar QJS Spray Bar System With Cover

QJS Spray Bar System


Bespoke Split Design Spray Bar System

2 Bar QJS Spray Bar System With Cover

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