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Insights with FoodClean

Why Your Factory Should Choose WashGuard Clothing

The most effective, efficient and sustainable way to clean your food manufacturing factory

In this Insights with FoodClean blog, we spoke to Pierre, a Technical and Commercial Advisor who delivers bespoke solutions to our clients in France. He had plenty of insight to share regarding why WashGuard is a wise choice for all kinds of food manufacturing environments.

“In terms of protective clothing, customers mostly use very heavy and non-flexible garments that weigh approximately 470 grams per square metre,” says Pierre. “Either that or they choose very light and fragile garments that weigh just 170-180g per square metre. We understand the rationale behind this, in that heavy garments offer more protection whereas lighter versions provide more movement, yet neither are ideal and can reduce both safety and efficiency.”


Ultimate Investment in Protective Workwear

That’s where the WashGuard range of workwear is different, as it’s specifically designed for hygiene teams working in busy factories and a range of conditions. Pierre explains this in further detail:


“WashGuard garments offer the best of both worlds. They are right between the two weights, which enables excellent protection, resistance and durability. Meanwhile, they’re flexible and comfortable, the finish is very high, and they have a lot of options for the security and comfort of the user. For instance, elastic straps on the wrists and ankles, high visibility straps, knee pads and a foldable hood all play a part in maximising safety, manoeuvrability and workflow.”


WashGuard is an extensive range of protective clothing that includes everything from jackets and trousers to coveralls, gloves, boots and goggles. What’s more, many of these garments are available in different colours, allowing you to colour coordinate your teams for enhanced visual communication and safety.


We also asked Pierre to choose a product from the FoodClean range and explain how it benefits food factories. Pierre went for the Q2 trolley, which is an excellent choice for multiple reasons:


“Most of the time, customers have either a centralised or decentralised system or they use foamers for cleaning. The first means satellites positioned all over the factory, whereas the second requires chemical handling due to manual dosing. Why not combine these two approaches to create the best solution possible?


“The Q2 trolley is very high quality, ergonomic and robust, plus there’s no need to install satellites everywhere and it’s perfect for small and midsize factories that have 1-6 users. Most importantly, you don’t leave your chemicals in the production area like you would with a decentral system – instead, you bring the trolley back to your storage area when you are done. Simple and effective!”

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