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Insights with FoodClean

The 5 Stages of Effective Cleaning

In this instalment of Insights with FoodClean, we spoke to Daniel Smith who works in UK Business Development. For his top piece of insight, he chose the 5-stage cleaning process that every food factory should follow to ensure top hygiene results.

“The five stages of effective cleaning are as simple as they are crucial,” says Daniel. “Each stage plays a major role in ensuring that your production environments are thoroughly cleaned to the highest standard. Only through this attention to detail can the food manufacturing industry remain competitive whilst offering the highest calibre of products to its consumers.”

The 5 stages of effective cleaning are:

Five stages of effective cleaning

  • Gross debris removal: Move all of the debris left on conveyors and floors into dolly bins
  • Pre-rinse: Remove the initial soil left on the belts and conveyors
  • Foam: Apply disinfectant foam and leave for a 20-minute contact time to let the chemicals do the work – agitate in areas where required
  • Rinse: Another rinse to get rid of the soil that has broken down, leaving a clean surface
  • Final sanitise: Give every area that comes into contact with food a sanitise ready for production to start the next day

“This meticulous process is very important, as it makes sure the factory is cleaned as thoroughly and efficiently as possible every time,” says Daniel. “By providing the chemicals, equipment protective workwear and training, FoodClean is helping food manufacturing businesses to achieve top standards of hygiene, safety, productivity and sustainability.”

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