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Q&A - Why is Hygiene so important?

This time for Insights with FoodClean we had a chat with our Project Developer, Blake Wade. He took a unique approach to sharing top advice by creating an example of a Q&A session between FoodClean and the customer.

“Hygiene is so important in a food factory,” says Blake. “In fact, we think it’s actually the most important process, as it facilitates greater efficiency, safety and profitability whilst reducing waste and minimising labour hours.”

Q&A with a Typical Food Manufacturing Facility

FoodClean: What is the most important process in your food manufacturing facility?

Customer: I’d have to say the main production lines.

FoodClean: We believe it’s the hygiene wash down.

Customer: The hygiene washdown, how can it be? It doesn’t make the facility any money, it only costs.

FoodClean: To do any job properly costs money, but have you ever thought what would happen if there was no hygiene?

Customer: Well, the facility would get very dirty I guess and we wouldn’t be able to produce to the required standards

FoodClean: That is exactly it. Without hygiene, your factory can’t even produce a single product, so it’s actually hygiene that generates all of the revenue through your facility. It really is the most important process, don’t you think?

Customer: Actually yes, I see what you’re saying.

FoodClean: It is true, isn’t it? So why then is it very often a department within a facility that is underfunded? Even in new build projects, so often the hygiene system is overlooked until the last minute and then budgets are squeezed and an inferior system or means of cleaning is put in, which is actually far below the standard of what is really required and doesn’t stand up to best practice principles.

Customer: You’re absolutely right. Sounds like we should invest in a new hygiene washdown system!

FoodClean: Great! We’re here to provide tailored advice and expert recommendations.

“Over the past 20+ years of supplying hygiene equipment to food manufacturing facilities, FoodClean has proved that investing in the right equipment can in fact make your facility money by reducing costs,” says Blake. “The right system will save in at least one of the following areas: energy, labour, water and chemical. Sometimes it will be a mix and often it can be all four – whatever the case, the savings are always significant.”

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