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Heavy Fabric vs Lighter Fabric

Our final instalment of Insights with FoodClean sees Director Will Turner sharing his knowledge regarding protective clothing in food factories. Will is passionate about our WashGuard range and explains how its unique design is supporting efficiency and safety in food manufacturing businesses across the UK.

“It seems only logical that heavy fabric will be stronger than lighter fabric,” says Will. “However, we’re here to show that it isn’t always the case. WashGuard 170 fabric is specially designed to bring outstanding results without weighting down the wearer, which aids smooth movement and prevents fatigue.”
FooDClean Insights - Heavy Fabric vs Lighter Fabric

WashGuard fabric is tested in a number of ways to ensure that it can stand up to even the busiest factory environments. These tests check for puncture resistance, abrasion resistance and tear strength, as well as WashGuard’s signature waterproof and chemical resistant properties. Add in comfort and ease of use, and you have a premium protective clothing range for a very affordable price.

“Overall, the WashGuard 240g PU fabric scores higher than heavier PVC fabrics,” says Will. “This means that when you purchase WashGuard 170 garments, you enjoy multiple benefits. From jackets and trousers to coveralls, bib and braces, aprons and smocks, WashGuard is lightweight for comfort and has a softer feel inside, which also means less sweating.

“Due to the fabric being thinner, it’s more flexible for movement whilst remaining very strong. It even stays flexible in cold temperatures and is resistant to a higher range of chemicals, so you really do get an excellent return on investment.”

The WashGuard range also includes gloves, wellington boots and anti-fog goggles, essentially covering your hygiene teams from head to toe. Explore the range on the WashGuard website and see how it will increase productivity, safety and sustainability whilst helping to reduce wasted labour hours and workplace accidents.

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