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FoodClean Disinfectant Chemicals

Pass all M&S standards tests

In the world of food production, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene is vital. This is particularly true for those who supply to prestigious retailers, where quality and safety are non-negotiable. Recently, FoodClean Disinfectant Products achieved a significant milestone by passing testing standards set by M&S, marking a triumph in FoodCleans contribution to food safety.

Detsan & Amphosan M&S Approved

The M&S Test Protocol:

M&S, known for its thorough quality standards, mandates that suppliers adhere to a stringent test protocol for disinfectant products. Conducted at Campden BRI’s esteemed testing station, this protocol entails a series of challenging efficacy tests. These tests are designed to ensure that only the most effective and reliable disinfectants make their way onto the shelves of M&S suppliers.

Confirmation of Compliance:

After undergoing analysis, FoodClean’s disinfectants, AMPHOSAN and DETSAN, emerged victorious, fully complying with and passing the M&S test protocol. This achievement not only validates the effectiveness of FoodClean’s products but also signifies their suitability for use by food producers supplying to M&S.

Market Expansion and Competitive Advantage:

With the seal of approval from M&S, FoodClean gains access to a highly esteemed market segment, enabling it to cater to producers who supply their goods to M&S outlets. Moreover, this accreditation serves as a barrier to entry for detergent manufacturers lacking M&S approval, further solidifying FoodClean’s position in the industry.

Business Implications:

Passing the M&S approval tests is not merely a symbolic success; it presents FoodClean with a substantial business advantage over competitors. While others struggle to meet the rigorous standards set by M&S or fall short in product efficacy, FoodClean stands tall, offering a superior solution backed by the sought-after M&S endorsement.

In conclusion:

In a competitive landscape where consumer confidence and regulatory adherence are paramount, FoodClean’s recent passing of M&S approval standards for its disinfectant chemicals stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. This milestone not only opens doors to new opportunities but also reinforces FoodClean’s position as a trusted partner in ensuring food safety and quality.


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