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The Techni Range

The Techni Range of Mobile Chemical Application Machines

By investing in this outstanding equipment, your cleaning teams will achieve greater results in a fraction of the time.



Driven by compressed air, the Technifoamer pumps pre-diluted chemicals and converts them into a foam that’s delivered through a high-precision application hose. The machine can can be adjusted according to the type of chemical and the area being cleaned, which speeds up the cleaning process and guarantees peak performance.

The Technifoamer’s ergonomic design and 20 metres of flexible hose make it very easy to manoeuvre throughout busy food factories, plus its optimised drain valve ensures fast and stress-free emptying. Available in red or blue, you can also colour code this equipment as part of your visual management strategy.

The Technifoamer comes with a standard 100-litre tank and there’s also the Technifoamer-40, which is a more compact version with a 40-litre tank. Both versions are extremely tough and reliable, as they’re designed to withstand heavy usage in food factories, pharmaceutical facilities and agricultural sites.

Customer feedback

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Technifoamers I purchased from yourselves are performing really well, they are the best foaming units I have ever seen. I have even received positive comments from operators using them, and that’s very rare. We are getting an improved result with the Technifoamer (it’s a much better machine than the existing units).”

“Foam is very good quality on the Technifoamer, the operators like the fact that it is lightweight and very easy to carry. The hose is quite flexible, which makes the foaming easier.”



The Technifogger is compact yet powerful! Rather than using a pump, it takes the form of a non-pressurised tank that connects to compressed air. The system combines the air and prediluted disinfectant to create a fog, which is then released into the atmosphere. The Technifogger is a favourite of food manufacturing facilities across the UK and beyond, as this portable device is capable of distributing fog to the most awkward and hard to reach spots.

The Technifogger also comes with an adjustment valve that allows you to alter the dryness/wetness of the fog, making it a highly versatile piece of cleaning equipment that will bring better hygiene results whilst saving your business time and money.



Available with a standard 100-litre capacity as well as a more compact 40-litre version, Technisan is specifically designed to make the cleaning of food manufacturing premises more accurate, efficient and cost-effective. By connecting the machine to compressed air, Technisan is able to apply sanitiser chemicals wherever you require them.

As with the rest of the Techni range, this machine is lightweight, portable, robust and stable, ensuring that your hygiene operators can clean production areas in a fast, convenient, safe and sustainable way.

Customer feedback

“These Technisan units are a life saver! They get chemical solution into every nook and cranny! The guys previously missed patches when they used pump-up sprayers, but with Technisan we cover large areas fast and consistently!”


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If you’d like to see the Techni range in action and have your questions answered by our food hygiene specialists, get in touch with our team at or call +44 (0) 1522 703 703 to book a demonstration at the FoodClean Experience Centre in Lincoln.




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