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Central versus Decentral Chemical Systems

Still Unsure About Which Cleaning System Is Right For Your Factory?

Read about our Central versus Decentral Chemical Systems comparison.

central chemical cleaning system we believe is the ultimate choice for any food manufacturer.  By Central we mean whereby the concentrate chemicals are diluted remotely from the cleaning area, and delivered as  pre diluted to the point of use.

However, there are times when a fully fitted central system is not right for you, for example if your process is the kind that does not require a daily 5 stage clean, a central system could be an overkill.  Then there may be physical constraints for example space or installation limitations (a central system does require three times the pipework of a decentral system).  It could even be that your process requires many different chemical types for different cleaning periods.

This is where a decentral chemical cleaning system comes in to its own.  By decentral we mean whereby the chemicals are picked up from drums at the cleaning point and diluted directly in to the operator’s hose.

There is of course always the option of a bespoke system whereby you have a choice of both, utilising the central option for the main cleaning mediums, together with decentral options for your speciality chemicals, talk about the best of both worlds!

To assist you in making this important choice, we have put together a comprehensive comparison table of Central v Decentral cleaning systems on a scale of one to five (five being good)

Central System Decentral System
Low Servicing Costs III IIIII
Ease of Installation III IIIII
Low Initial Cost II IIII
High ROI (Return on Investment) IIIII III
Chemical Dosage Accuracy IIIII III
Labour efficiency IIIII III
Environmental Benefits IIIII II
Easy Titration Checks IIIII II
Chemical Safety (Danger from Concentrates) IIIII III
Speed of Clean IIIII III
Manual Handling (Chemicals) IIIII III
Chemical Purchase Costs IIIII II
Low Chemical Wastage IIIII III

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