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3 Ways to Manage Your Time For Better Results

Efficient time management is just as or more important as effective time management. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they have different meanings.

When we have effective time management, we adequately accomplish what needs to get done. We finish our tasks by the deadline; we submit projects when required.

Efficiency goes beyond getting the job done on time. You don’t waste your effort, but rather use it to do the best things in the best way possible. Time Efficiency is that we understand how to make ourselves the most productive in the shortest amount of time.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort

Paul J Meyer

1 - Set reasonable and achievable goals

If you want to succeed, it’s important to set up goals to help you get there. Leaders constantly keep the big picture forefront to their minds and utilise resource to break these strategic moves into reasonable and achievable goals.

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2 - Alleviate Distractions

The best way to get a job done, is to do it! To do so, you need to limit distractions.

Distractions limit productivity. Setting goals for how long you will work is fool proof for most distractions. Figure out a solid stopping point in your work, and don’t let anything distract you until you’ve reached this point.

As a team leader, are you providing your team with systems and equipment to allow their work ethic to be time efficient? From using colour coded equipment, through to wearing correctly fitted footwear, can bring immediate increase in team efficiencies & production output.

3 - Plan, Plan, Plan!

Even if you know what goals you want to achieve, you can’t start to achieve them efficiently if you don’t plan first.

Deadlines are extremely important to ensure you get the job done in or ahead of time. Once you have your deadlines, start to schedule your work based on the time needed to complete each mini goal of the project. If you can plan what you need to do on a certain day or by a certain time, you can commit yourself and hold yourself accountable.

Working with the FoodClean Team, we can help you access excellent planning tools to help oversee the implementation of projects from as large as a full FoodClean by QJS Cleaning & Disinfection System through to training teams to achieve water & chemical savings by using Wash Guns suited to your factory.


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