Q2 Trolley

The new Q2 Trolley is extremely portable, robust and a hygienic solution which offers multi-purpose functionality. Ergonomic in design, this trolley is the optimal solution creating maximum efficiency and functionality within the working environment.

Tailored to specification, the Q2 Trolley comes with the following options;-

  • Reel or Wrap Bracket
  • With Hose or Without
  • With Satellite or Without
  • Tool Carrier
  • Engraved Name Plate

See further details in Features tab below or call our team to discuss your requirements +44 (0)1522 703703

Brand : Nita

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  • The Q2 Trolley can be fully tailored to your specification.
  • The following outlines a few of the options available. Call the team today to discuss your requirements +44 (0)1522 703703
  • Hose Reel Option
    • Accommodates the Nita Manual Wind Hose Reel for any pressure system.
    • Models 2103, 2104, 2105 & 2106
    • Can be supplied with or without hose assembly.
  • Wrap Bracket Option
    • A cost effective option for hose storage.
    • Capacity of hose determined by tight or loose wrap
  • ┬áSatellite Station Option
    • Accommodates any of the Q2 Satellite Station models
    • Comes with relevant connecting hose options, if with or without the Satellite Station
  • Tool Carrier
    • Ideal for storing nozzles, lances, gloves or any cleaning tools used by the operator
      Opening at base of tray to allow for easy draining & cleaning
  • Engraved Nameplate
    • Ideal identification for when Q2 Trolley is assigned to a factory area (ie high/low risk etc) or for company branding
      Applied to main panel

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Q2 Trolley

Q2 Trolley with Hose Wrap Bracket, Q2 Trolley with Hose Wrap Bracket and Tool Carrier, Q2 Trolley with Nita 2103 Manual Wind Hose Reel (take max 30m 1/2" Hose), Q2 Trolley with Nita 2103 Manual Wind Hose Reel and Tool Carrier (take max 30m 1/2" Hose)