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Hygiene solutions for the salad and prepared meals sectors

The salad and prepared meals sectors involve a huge range of fresh ingredients, making workplace hygiene a top priority. Add to this the pressure of maximising production rates whilst minimising the amount of time, money, resources and labour involved, and the challenge is greatly magnified.

FoodClean solves all of these problems in one go, as our cleaning products, chemical application equipment and protective workwear are all designed with efficiency, quality and profitability at their core. The result is the production of fresh salads and prepared meals that are safe to eat and of the highest quality thanks to exceptionally hygienic production environments.

Supporting the prepared meals industry

FoodClean provides everything your business needs to deliver great food at exceptional value. Our environmentally friendly food hygiene solutions are chosen by hundreds of brands worldwide to improve their productivity and effectiveness, making them an integral part of the Clean Factory Revolution.

Some recommended solutions for the prepared meals industry include:


Low pressure rinse, foam and disinfection satellite stations that are available to use both for in-shift and hygiene shift cleaning

324x297 sized images - Chemflow – 00_15_31

Accurate application of foaming and disinfection chemicals at the right dosage level


Specialist tools for a wide range of cleaning tasks

324x297 sized images - Baileys MVI_5656

Water, chemical, time and labour optimised solutions to help retain profitability, sustainability and compliance

We're ready to help

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support advisors are committed to delivering a bespoke service from day one. Whether you’re looking for a spray bar system for your production conveyor belt, automatic disinfection or a range of protective clothing for your hygiene operatives, FoodClean will provide a fully tailored solution.

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