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Hygiene solutions for the meat, fish and poultry processing sectors

We fully understand that the facilities for the processing of meat, fish and poultry come with particularly heavy demands in terms of cleaning and hygiene equipment. The challenge is two-fold, as the very nature of these products requires an exceptionally high level of cleaning and hygiene effectiveness to ensure a safe food supply, whilst the extremely heavy-duty processes necessitate equipment that can remain durable and reliable in such environments.

With this in mind, FoodClean chemicals, equipment and workwear are specifically shaped around the needs of modern meat, fish and poultry processing companies, ensuring quality, consistency and compliance on a daily basis.


Supporting the abattoir and meat industry

You require cleaning equipment that can fulfil daily tasks whilst remaining reliable and effective on a long-term basis. FoodClean provides you with equipment that not only makes your team more efficient and productive, but which also protects your bottom line whilst increasing both profitability and sustainability. We call this the Clean Factory Revolution.

Supporting the abattoir and meat industry

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Medium pressure rinse systems that always deliver on demand, 24 hours a day

Satellite systems

Highly robust point-of-use satellite systems for applying chemicals


Application equipment that withstands even the harshest of environments


Foaming systems that make the most effective use of every litre of cleaning solution

We're ready to help

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support advisors are committed to delivering a bespoke service from day one. Whether you’re looking for a spray bar system for your production conveyor belt, automatic disinfection or a range of protective clothing for your hygiene operatives, FoodClean will provide a fully tailored solution.

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