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Hygiene solutions for the dairy industry

The dairy sector is one of the most hygiene sensitive industries due to the nature of its food and beverage products. By providing suitable chemicals and powerful application equipment, FoodClean is helping the dairy industry to remain not only safe, hygienic and compliant, but also profitable and sustainable thanks to the minimisation of labour, energy, water and chemicals required to achieve exceptional results.

Supporting the dairy industry

FoodClean covers every stage of your dairy production system. From tanker delivery through to the final packing phase, we understand that hygiene is critical throughout your dairy facility. That’s why our food manufacturing hygiene solutions are designed for small and multi-product dairies alike, enabling you to choose systems for cleaning production lines, fridges and freezers, and all other areas across your premises.

As a result, your dairy becomes an important part of the Clean Factory Revolution, which gives you the power to maximise your output whilst running a more environmentally friendly business.

Some recommended solutions for the dairy industry include


Open plant cleaning of all areas


Conveyor belt cleaning, including made-to-site spray bar systems


Automatic foam, rinse and disinfection for high-speed fillers


Fogging equipment for chillers, freezers and fridges

We're ready to help

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support advisors are committed to delivering a bespoke service from day one. Whether you’re looking for a spray bar system for your production conveyor belt, automatic disinfection or a range of protective clothing for your hygiene operatives, FoodClean will provide a fully tailored solution.

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