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Acid products are generally used to remove build up of scales and mineral deposits which can dull metal surfaces and may also provide harbourage for bacteria which can adhere to the rough surface of scale. In general acid products will not remove organic soils, but occasionally, matrix soils are present – i.e. where scale, due to its rough surface, has allowed organic soil to build up and form a plaque composed of inorganic and organic deposits. In this case acids will dissolve the inorganic component and allow for the break up and removal of such matrix soils. It is important not to use acid products at the same time as chlorinated products as this can result in the release of chlorine gas – a dangerously toxic gas.

Always check that if acids are being used that there is no chlorinated product residues present in, for example, shared drains.

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ACIFILMACIFILM™ is a specially formulated thick gel type product which
is a heavy duty acid product designed for the Food, Dairy and
Beverage industries, which clings exceptionally well to vertical

ACIFILM™ provides unbeatable contact times due to its ability to
form a viscous film on the application surface.

Applications include:

  • removal of heavy deposits of hard water
    scale, beer and milk stone, rust, oxalates and protein deposits.
  • Difficult to remove residues containing compound soils such as
    heavy protein/scale build up.

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FOAMACID™FOAMACID™ is a foam cleaning acidic detergent, formulated for use in
the Food, Dairy and Beverage industries.

FOAMACID™ is self foaming and combines acidic detergents with foam
boosting surfactants.

FOAMACID™ provides good detergency and the thick clinging foam
ensures effective cleaning on areas that have become heavily soiled.

Applications include:

  • removal of hard water scale, beer and milk stone, rust, oxalates and protein deposits.
  • Difficult to remove residues containing compound soils such as protein/scale build up

FOAMACID™ produces a stable, clinging foam for long contact times on vertical surfaces and complicated shaped machinery, allowing the powerful detergents to act.

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FLOCIP™ AFLOCIP™ A is a concentrated acidic cleaner designed for CIP and heavy
duty recirculation cleaning.

FLOCIP™ A features rapid penetration, low foaming and is free rinsing.

The blend of acids in FLOCIP™ A combine to give complete removal of deposits such as milk stone, caustic scale and hard water scale.

Do not use on mild steel unless directed to do so by a FoodClean technician.

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