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Your Hygiene Heroes are in Safe Hands with WashGuard

Your cleaning teams are more than just operatives – they’re your hygiene heroes. With this in mind, the specialists at FoodClean designed the WashGuard range of PPE and safety clothing around a very clear mission: To protect your food factory’s hygiene heroes against all kinds of workplace hazards and empower them to deliver amazing results.

Not all heroes wear capes
Your hygiene heroes achieve the incredible on a daily basis. Without them, your food factory wouldn’t be able to operate safely and efficiently whilst ensuring 100% compliance with industry regulations. In order to enable your cleaning teams to carry out their best work whilst remaining safe, comfortable and confident, we created the WashGuard range of workplace clothing to protect them from chemical and other potential hazards.

Be the leader you would follow
We’re dedicated to helping hygiene managers, team supervisors and group managers to equip their cleaning operatives with the very best kit. As well as maximising safety and wellbeing, our PPE actively improves productivity thanks to it being manoeuvrable, robust, long-lasting, and also highly visible thanks to integrated reflective strips.
When you give your hygiene heroes reliable protective clothing, you’re showing them how valued they are within the business and fuelling greater levels of employee engagement and accountability.


Choose your team colours

The WashGuard range also comes in a variety of colours, which allows you to easily equip your hygiene heroes in a way that will optimise your colour coding programme and enhance your visual management strategy. This supports safe working, faster communication, better workplace organisation and the prevention of cross-contamination.



Protect them so they can protect everyone else
We’re sure you share our core value of investing in people, as they’re your company’s greatest asset. WashGuard is an investment that brings a strong return in many ways – not only are your hygiene heroes fully protected in all kinds of factory environments, your profit margins are protected too thanks to our PPE being built to last!

By choosing WashGuard jackets, trousers, aprons, gloves, wellingtons, goggles and other PPE products & accessories, you’ll be able to increase sustainability and run a cleaner, leaner and greener business.

See the results
If you’d like to trial WashGuard or see it in action and have your questions answered by our food hygiene specialists, get in touch with our team at or call +44 (0) 1522 703 703 to book a free demonstration at the FoodClean Experience Centre in Lincoln, UK.


We’re confident in our WashGuard range, that’s why we’d like to offer you a trial.



To find out more, please contact our customer support advisors.

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