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Eye Protection in the Workplace

Next up in our Insights with FoodClean series, we spoke with our WashGuard Global team of experts, to find out how WashGuard brings such a strong return on investment to food manufacturing facilities of all shapes and sizes.

One of the key reasons to switch to WashGuard clothing is sustainability. Sustainability actually covers many areas, as we’re talking about the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld or confirmed. It’s not just the environment or profits that need sustaining, it’s people too. By investing in best-in-class waterproof and chemical resistant workwear, you also invest in the feeling of support, confirmation and sustenance.

Eye protection in the workplace

We asked the team to pick out one particular piece of WashGuard clothing that is a hot topic of discussion atm. It was difficult decision but here’s what the team had to say:

WashGuard goggles are a must-have piece of protective workwear. By investing in such a seemingly small piece of PPE, you’re protecting one of the most important senses. With eye injury being so easy to occur in fast-paced factories that use large volumes of water and chemicals, WashGuard goggles offer a low cost per unit and an outstandingly high ROI.”

“We’re serious when we say that WashGuard goggles are the best protective eyewear on the market, and this has been proven time and again through great feedback from our customers. Operators can see what they’re doing at all times thanks to a premium coating made from a powerful hydrophilic formula, which absorbs moisture and prevents fogging. They truly are nothing less than exceptional.”

The team also summed up the benefits of choosing the WashGuard range for your hygiene operators:

“All WashGuard workwear is comfortable, lightweight and durable. The entire product range has been designed to reduce fatigue and injury whilst increasing staff wellbeing and retention. As for wider factory hygiene, do the job right the first time and you’ll only need to do it once.”

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