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WashGuard Wellington Boots

These lightweight yet sturdy safety wellingtons offer total protection for Hygiene Teams where comfort is parallel to safety and protection.

Made from a durable polyurethane with hard-wearing soles that provide excellent grip and resistance to slips. Noticeably lighter than regular PVC wellingtons, providing insulation against cold environments.

Available in sizes 4 – 12

Brand : WashGuard

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  1. Cushioned heel for comfort and support
  2. Impact and compression resistant Steel toecaps
  3. Slip resistance
  4. Insulated for cold environments
  5. Anti-static
  6. Outsole resistant to fuel oil

Technical Details

Sizes available Materials Complies with
4,5,6,6.5,7,8,9,10,10.5,11,12 Durable polyurethane with hard-wearing soles EN 20345:2011 S4 CI
Slip rating: SRC


Technical Documents

WashGuard Wellington - White, Green and Yellow

Hero Benefits

Transform your team into heroes by providing high-quality, reusable, WashGuard PPE. This not only gives the operative the comfort and safety they deserve, it also shows them that they are valued and creates a more motivated, engaged and productive team.

  • Increased Productivity – A comfortable and motivated team is more efficient and effective
  • Safety – Complies to regulations and is chemical resistant to ensure your heroes are fully protected
  • Accountability – High-quality, well fitting kit increases accountability and ownership, therefore stays well maintained
  • Reduce Costs- Durable kit lasts longer, reducing long-term costs
  • Improve sustainability – Longer lasting kit with recycling options improves sustainability
  • Reduce Staff Turnover – High quality, well fitting PPE reduces staff turnover

Really, really happy with the gloves – love the way they come right up the sleeve, better than anything we’ve ever had.
No joints. Anything we’ve used before doesn’t come right up the arm. WashGuard does, and they’re flexible to use. Looks professional to have all the team in the same suit.

Stuart Long, Hygiene Manager | Kepak Group

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