Technijektor Large Flow Venturi Injector


Large flow Venturi injector for very fast dilution and filling. Doses chemical into your chosen tank foamer, bucket, fogger or sanitiser unit directly from a chemical. Chemical is taken from a drum or bucket and dosed directly into the water supply. Chemical dosage is selected using an industry standard orifice dilution plate, which can be changed to vary dosage rate between 0.5% and 6.5%. (Orifice dilution plates supplied separately to suit your dosage needs).

Brand : Technijektor
Pressure : –

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Features Very large flow (up to 61L/min)
Available in red or blue
Suitable for use with chlorinated chemicals
Built to withstand food industry usage

Technical Details
Pressure Rating: 3 – 20 bar
Inlet: 3/4″ QR nito coupling
Flow: range 24 L/min – 61 L/min
Chemical Dosing Range: 0.5% – 6.5% & 10%